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(854-632) x 26 ? Is it possible for a child to solve this problem within 30 seconds without using pen or calculator?

Yes. It is possible with Brainy Kids Abacus Mind Maths & Brain Development program.

This is a whole Brain Development Program that is taught with the help of a mathematical tool called ABACUS. Brainy kids abacus program helps a child to make the best use of his/ her potential and improves performance of the brain, the child is able to solve complex numbers and calculations with great speed and accuracy. Abacus mental arithmetic is being actively used over 42 countries around the world.

Brainy kids abacus is Sri Lanka's fast growing abacus education center which provides quality abacus education. Brainy kids have a talented team of abacus experts and the team has trained hundreds of students in this unique mental math technique. Brainy kids abacus programe has revolutionized the teaching of abacus mind maths & brain development program using abacus in order to reach all the students, rich and poor.

We wish to prepare the next generation for the challenges of a hugely competitive world. Our courses are specially designed to cater to the needs of school going kids in the age group of four to fourteen years of age.

The aim of this abacus training is to improve memory, concentration of the student and helps in building the confidence of the child. It helps in fostering the concept of speed writing and speed reading in a child. The whole training focuses on the development of the whole brain and helps to increase intelligence in a child along with enhancing the mind math skills of students.